Annual General Meeting Registration

Dear Fellow English Democrats

Re: English Democrats’ Annual Conference –  Saturday, 16th September 2017 – Leicester

 I enclose a Notice of our Annual Conference, a booking form and proxy form etc.

The delegate day rate is £25 per person which includes coffee, a full hot lunch and tea.

Our evening dinner will also be £25 per person. This will be a nice sociable end to our conference day. I hope to see you there!

If you can come, please do fill in the booking form and send it, together with your cheque, to the requested address.  I do hope that you can come to all or some of our conference, but if you cannot come please could you sign and return the enclosed proxy form to me also at the above address?

Also I hope that you have seen the latest copy of the English Voice?

The next copy of the English Voice magazine is due to be published in August.  If you do have a 250 word article for it please do send to our Editor at

Yours sincerely

   Robin Tilbrook

Robin Tilbrook


P.S.  Please do also consider sending us a donation – every penny will be gratefully received and faithfully applied to England’s Cause!