England Adhesive Backed Posters

England Flag

Re: English Home Rule Posters

Now is the critical time to get the message out that the “English Question” is next on the agenda, while people are absorbing the consequences of the EU Referendum.

The posters should ideally be put up with the use of a short ladder so that they are out of reach of our opponents, who will otherwise vandalise them quickly.  The ideal location is on the back of road signs in highly visible locations, such as at roundabouts and crossings.

It is illegal to post these on the front of road signs (thus obstructing driver’s vision of the road sign), so don’t put them there!

You may have other locations which are suitable but if they can be easily reached by passers-by the posters will be quickly vandalised and therefore probably won’t get a large audience.

Some local authorities do have a by-law against fly-posting, but, if so, it is not a police matter and, if asked by a passer-by, you should not give your name and details.

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