3.15 Immigration

3.15.1 We need to change immigration policy so that it better reflects the needs and wishes of the people of England.
3.15.2 There should be a points system for entry to the UK which is based on the Canadian and Australian model. Points should be awarded for, among other things: educational and professional qualification; family links with England; financial resources; the ability to speak English. In other words, entry should be determined by our needs as a society and the ability of newcomers to be absorbed into the prevailing public culture. High priority should be given to creating a peaceful society which is bound together by shared values and perceptions.
3.15.3 The wishes, security and interests of the people of England should be the dominant factors in determining asylum and immigration policies for England.
3.15.4 Should there be an economic need for immigration it should be met by the employment of people on fixed term work permits.
3.15.5 Our aim should be to meet the need for skilled workers from within. A points system should be used to bring an end to mass immigration and only allow that immigration which is in the national interest. A points system should not be used to facilitate and legitimise a continuation of mass immigration.
3.15.6 Immigrants should not be a burden on the taxpayer and should be economically self-sustaining. This requires that the wages paid to immigrants should be at a level necessary for those immigrants to pay sufficient tax revenues to meet expected welfare and other public sector costs – or else that their employers make payment for the shortfall. Furthermore, immigrants and/or their employers should make payment a capital sum to reflect a full contribution to the existing capital wealth of the nation, such as schools, hospitals, roads, housing etc. Those potential immigrants who are unable or unwilling to make these payments will not be allowed into the country.
3.15.7 International law is not fixed for all time. We should not feel bound by rules that were devised several decades ago when circumstances were very different. Asylum seekers should seek asylum in a state adjoining or nearby the state from which they are fleeing. None of the UK’s immediate neighbours are terrorising regimes. The UK should refuse to accept any further asylum seekers and should instead give financial assistance to genuine refugees in their own or neighbouring countries, where such financial assistance will have the greatest beneficial impact.
3.15.8 In order to end the mass inflow of asylum seekers into the UK, the UK must withdraw from the 1951 UN Convention on Refugees.
3.15.9 Our principal concern is to preserve and build on what is left of English cultural unity and social cohesion. The preservation of our identity and culture are at least as important as economic considerations.
3.15.10 The English Democrats do not accept the fallacious but widely publicised economic arguments for mass immigration. For the most part they greatly exaggerate the economic benefits and wholly ignore the economic, social, and cultural costs. The people of England have never voted for nor supported mass immigration.
3.15.11 The English Democrats support whatever measures are necessary to bring mass immigration to a complete end. Such measures should include: Thorough border controls with all inward and outward movements through ports being logged to provide the best quality information on migration movements. Stronger visa requirements for countries with a reputation for illegal movements. The deportation of all illegal immigrants. There should be no amnesties. Illegality should not be rewarded by the granting of citizenship. Nor should organised crime rackets be allowed to profit from people smuggling. Discovered illegal immigrants should be offered the choice between cooperatively returning straight home, or being sent to a distant offshore holding centre during the processing of their repatriation case. The repeal of the Human Rights Act and the withdrawal of the UK from the European Convention on Human Rights. Both of these flawed items of legislation have perversely assisted criminals while offering little of substance to the law-abiding population. Punitive fining and possible withdrawal of trading rights of companies, company directors and other employers who employ illegal immigrants. The deportation of all those immigrants who have been convicted of a criminal offence or who are advocates of, or active supporters of, extremist behaviour of a violent, separatist or destabilising nature. The strengthening of the customs and immigration services and the vigorous enforcement of the law. The English Democrats recognise that successive Labour and Tory governments have handed over control of immigration to the EU to such an extent that it is impossible to regain proper control of immigration without leaving the EU. The English Democrats firmly support withdrawal from the EU, subject to referendum approval, and will campaign forcefully to that end. Once the UK has left the EU full border controls can be restored. Given the level of mass immigration overwhelming England all immigration may be stopped for up to five years (to be reviewed thereafter) with an exception made only for limited fixed term work permits essential or highly important to England. Our points system will at all times be secondary. Irresponsible immigration policies in recent years means that some populations in the U.K. are predicted to grow large enough to challenge for cultural and political dominance in the coming decades with a view to eliminating English culture and values. One such example is Radical Islam that has been allowed to establish itself in Britain and represents an increasing threat to our society, freedom and way of life.
Although it must be stated that many Muslims reject the more radical interpretation of Islam it also seems to be the case that many mosques in the UK follow a form of Islam that is incompatible with democracy. According to Innes Bowen in the Spectator 14/6/14 a database of British Islam showed that only 2 out of 1700 mosques in Britain follow a modernist interpretation of the Koran. This means that increasing numbers of the Muslim community are becoming radicalised and want to see the establishment of Sharia in this country.
There is of course no place for democracy, equality or human rights in the Sharia legal code and this also makes Sharia Law incompatible with Western Civilisation and modern secular liberal democracy.
The English Democrats will adopt a zero tolerance policy of any practice that conflicts with traditional English laws or values:
1. We believe that all those involved in terrorist or terrorist related activity, where possible should have their UK citizenship revoked, be deported and never allowed to return to the U.K.
2. An English Democrats government will ensure that in future immigrants who it believes may not conform to and support English values and laws will not be admitted, or if already in England they will be deported when disco
3. In order to mitigate the problems that already exist an English Democrat government will:
I. Put an end to multiculturalism and political correctness
II. Institute a programme of education for Islamic community leaders and Imams and extend this to other religions causing concern.
III. Require all religious establishments to apply a legal code of conduct and teaching as required by Parliament.
IV. Strict enforcement, and extend where necessary, existing rules about teachings that are not acceptable in schools, state or private, places of religion or at public or private meetings.
V. Encourage codification of Religious legal systems, laws and rules of evidence so that they comply with the law of England.
VII. An obligatory acceptance by all residents of and visitors to England that they will respect and abide by the laws of the land including the English value that the Law of the Land is above all including the monarch, parliament, religions, security forces and so on.
VIII. Obligatory lessons and an exam in all schools and colleges about English values, and the supremacy of English law and of democracy and taking a positive and active part in society within these bounds. The exam will be an entrance requirement for anyone wishing to follow any degree or diploma course or any professional qualification and these may not be awarded without a pass in the exam.
IX. All schools, state and private, will hold a monthly assembly where students will pledge their allegiance to England, its parliament and its laws.