British Government uses English Tax Money to bail out other nations failed economies.

The Public Expenditure by Country and Region (meaning England) shows, as the title suggests, public expenditure per head for each
country and region of the UK

The table shows considerable variation between the different parts of the UK. For example, public spending per head is
£8,816 in England compared with £10,983 in Northern Ireland – a difference of around £2,200.

Public expenditure per head in Northern Ireland is 21% higher than the UK average, in Scotland it is 16% higher and in Wales 10% higher. There are also differences in spending levels between the English regions where spending per head ranges from £7,977 in the South East to £10,129 in London.

The figures for England also debunk the idea that the North of England loses out to the South of England in public expenditure, more over it shows that the Labour controlled northern cities, and Labour Controlled London, cannot manage the public purse effectively. Being unable to mange the public purse is an historical trait of Labour Governments.

The Conservatives have continued to over fund the other countries of the UK to the detriment of England, a clear example of this is the recent Tory/DUP finance agreement where more English Tax money will be sent to N. Ireland to prop up an anti-English Conservative and Unionist Government.

England will soon stop funding the failed political experiment of the European Political Union, we now need to stop funding the failed economies of Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland.

It is time English Taxes were used for English Public Services.

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