We wrote recently to the “Gay” newspaper the Pink News to complain about them calling us “Far Right”. This was their typically barbed reply:-

“The English Democrats have been classified as a far-right party in many places, and by a number of independent academic studies – including two cited on your own Wikipedia page. I would suggest you direct complaints on this front to Katherine Tonkiss, author of Migration and Identity in a Post-National World, and Daniele Caramani, author of The Europeanization of Politics, both of whom classified your party as such from an independent academic standpoint. We, of course, assume you are not trying to stifle free expression of academics.”

I therefore wrote to both academics and here is my email to Dr Tonkiss:-

Dear Dr Tonkiss,

It has recently been claimed to us by the “Pink News” that you have claimed that the English Democrats are “Far Right” in your book “Migration and Identity in a Post-National World”. Is this correct?

If so why did you make such a claim?

Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Dr Tonkiss kindly replied:-

Dear Robin,

I can confirm that I do not refer to the English Democrats as ‘far right’ in my book.

I have noticed this morning that on the Wikipedia entry for the English Democrats, my book is listed as a source to support the classification of the party as ‘far right’. I cannot, as you know, control how my work is reported on Wikipedia, but I will be contacting the website today to request that the reference is removed given that this is not something that I state in my book.

With best wishes,

Dr. Katherine Tonkiss
Lecturer in Sociology and Policy
School of Languages and Social Sciences
Aston University

So there we have it! The smear against us is based on a lie.