English Democrats Conference

Robin Tilbrook,  Chairman English Democrats, opens the Annual General Meeting of the party in Leicester.





Charles Vickers, English Democrats Treasurer, puts forward 2 motions to conference which are passed.

He then presents the party’s 2017 accounts to the AGM which are again passed.




David Allen talks about the Sth Yorkshire Mayoral election and how Dan Jarvis, Labour candidate, declared false addresses on his nomination form.

The BBC refused to report that the Labour candidate was under investigation for electoral fraud. The Police also appear to be dragging their feet, so based on the clear evidence that Dan Jarvis did in fact submit false details on his nomination form, the English Democrats are now preparing to proceed with a private prosecution of Dan Jarvis and his agent.

Bridgett Vickers, Editor of English Voice, discusses her role as editor and how main stream media ignores the issues affecting England.





Mike Blundell gives a presentation on the Barnett formula and how the people of England are subsidising Scotland, Wales, and N. Ireland to over £50 Billion per year whilst public services in England are slashed.

If England became an Independent nation once again we could put the £924 Million per year saved back into the NHS, Education, Transport, Farming, and many other areas of England that need investment.