English Democrats view that Sharia Law is Incompatible with Fundamental Principles of Democracy is backed by ECHR

European Court of Human Rights confirms that Sharia Law is incompatible with the Fundamental Principles of Democracy

English Democrats Manifesto Irresponsible immigration policies in recent years means that some populations in the U.K. are predicted to grow large enough to challenge for cultural and political dominance in the coming decades with a view to eliminating English culture and values.

One such example is Radical Islam that has been allowed to establish itself in Britain and represents an increasing threat to our society, freedom and way of life. Although it must be stated that many Muslims reject the more radical interpretation of Islam it also seems to be the case that many mosques in the UK follow a form of Islam that is incompatible with democracy.

According to Innes Bowen in the Spectator 14/6/14 a database of British Islam showed that only 2 out of 1700 mosques in Britain follow a modernist interpretation of the Koran. This means that increasing numbers of the Muslim community are becoming radicalised and want to see the establishment of Sharia in this country.

There is of course no place for democracy, equality or human rights in the Sharia legal code and this also makes Sharia Law incompatible with Western Civilisation and modern secular liberal democracy. The English Democrats will adopt a zero tolerance policy of any practice that conflicts with traditional English laws or values:

Here is the link to the full report ECHR-annual_report_2003