English Tax payers fund N. Ireland services

Over the past few years there as been some media coverage (not enough where we are concerned) on how the English taxpayer funds the EU to the tune of £13 Billion net each year, and how the English Taxpayer also funds Scottish and Welsh public services.

One area that as not been discussed is N. Ireland (always a touchy subject) however this is now an area that needs to be discussed.

N. Ireland not only receives the most funding per head in the UK from the E.U. they also receive the highest funding per head from the UK government, which actually comes from the English taxpayer.

We had the situation where the SNP were in opposition to the Tories whilst Scotland receives massive amounts English taxpayers money to fund their services, now we have the DUP in coalition with the Tories and where N. Ireland receives even more subsidies per head than Scotland.

English taxpayers will come under even more pressure to fund the other nations of the UK whilst our services suffer, this must stop.

The English Democrats believe the only way we can correct this is for England to be an Independent Nation once again, for our taxes to be used to properly fund our services.

The English Democrats Team