Ex-UKIP Councillor joins English Democrats


Ex-UKIP Councillor joins English Democrats

The English Democrats are delighted to announce that Councillor Alex Porter of Tendring District Council has announced his intention to join the English Democrats and we are delighted to welcome him as a member of the English Democrats and as a Councillor for the English Democrats.


Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats said:-  “I am delighted to welcome Councillor Alex Porter as a member of the English Democrats and that he is going to be sitting for the English Democrats as a Councillor on Tendering District Council.  As the English Question moves up the agenda and as far more people assert English National Identity our Cause is growing and so is our Party.  Councillor Porter moving to us is a great move forward which we strongly welcome.”


Councillor Alex Porter said:- “I am delighted to be joining the English Democrats and looking forward to representing my constituents in my Ward as an open English nationalist.  My Ward is one where over 80% of the residents, reported in the 2011 Census, that they were “English only”.

So Englishness is very important to me and to the People of my Ward”

Robin Tilbrook


The English Democrats