Facebook Interfers in UK Local Election

Our National Secretary, Stephen Morris, is  currently contesting a local by-election in his own ward of Besses in Bury, during his campaign he regularly tweets items in the main stream media, his Twitter account is linked to his Facebook account.

The article which got his Facebook account blocked was one published in the Daily Mail, the link is herehttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4796424/Labour-frontbencher-quits-article-racial-abuse.html

The article head line being “Corbyn denies there is a ‘problem’ with Pakistani men grooming white girls and says ‘other communities commit crime too’ – after one of his own MPs quit for speaking out on the issue”

Facebook have now taken it upon themselves to directly interfere in a UK local election by blocking our candidates page for highlighting a public statement made by the leader of the Labour Party during a local election.

Political Interference in elections from people, or organisations, outside of the country holding the election has been in the news quite a lot recently.

Political interference by Facebook in a UK local by-election will only confirm to people, already seething after the breach of data protection by Facebook, and members of private groups being made public, that a switch to another social media platform may be desirable.

We know that this is only a local by-election, however if they interfere in a UK local by-election, what else are they manipulating?