Far left extremists, Momentum, attempt to fully cement its control over Labour Party

It is now clear that the Far left extremists, Momentum, who have taken control of the Labour Party are attempting to fully cement their control with further appointments to its NEC

Please read the following email:

“Following a historic Party Conference in Brighton, Labour Party members will now be able to vote for 3 more representatives on Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC). 3 Corbyn-supporters – Yasmine, Rachel and Jon – are standing for election, and they’re asking for your support. Not currently a member of the Labour Party? Join Labour by Sunday 19 November and you can vote in the NEC election, or select “Not a Labour Party member” here and we’ll make sure you only get relevant emails.

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The Election

The NEC is the highest body in the Labour Party. We need to elect Yasmine, Rachel and Jon if Labour is to become a member-led, people-powered party capable of winning the next general election. Constituency Labour Parties can nominate candidates until Sunday 19 November, and all members will receive email ballots on Thursday 30 November.


The Candidates

Three Corbyn-suppporting candidates – Yasmine Dar, Rachel Garnham and Jon Lansman – are standing. Momentum and the CLGA (Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance) are supporting their campaign.

  • Yasmine Dar. A party member for five years, a single mother and Labour councillor in Manchester.
  • Rachel Garnham. A Labour Party activist for more than 20 years, a member of the National Policy Forum and ten years as a CLP Secretary.
  • Jon Lansman. Previously worked for Tony Benn, has been a leading figure in Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaigns and chairs Momentum’s governing body.

Backing Yasmine, Rachel and Jon? Please let us know to save volunteers from phonebanking you:

I’m backing Yasmine, Rachel and Jon

For more on the candidates and why we’re backing them, see here.
Thank you for your support.

In solidarity, Team Momentum


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