Greater Manchester Mayoral Result

Congratulations to our North West Chairman and Communications Director, Stephen Morris, for putting up a sterling campaign in the Greater Manchester Mayoral Elections.

Stephen attended many hustings with various organisations during his campaign and also attracted some great media coverage, especially from the local independent radio stations and local press.

The English Democrats came 5th beating UKIP who came 6th in total number of votes cast, this figures also show that the English Democrats won 115 wards to UKIPs 94 ( 6 Drawn). We also weren’t far behind the Green Party, although they did beat the English Democrats in the total number of votes cast it also shows that the English Democrats won 109 wards to Greens 104 (2 drawn).

Given the large amount of media coverage that the other parties received, both during the Mayoral election campaign and General Election coverage, the resources they can pull in, and financial support they can call upon Stephen and his team did really well.


English Democrats