Is England’s Housing Crisis created by British Government policies?

Did any one notice the problem with the picture of British Prime Minister giving a speech on housing yesterday?

The British Prime Minister is stood in front of a banner which proclaims “Building a Britain fit for the future” however housing is a devolved item, so the Scottish, Welsh, and N. Ireland Parliaments speak on their housing, not the British Government.

So as England has no First Minister, and no Parliament it was left to the British Prime Minister to speak about the housing crisis in England.

Last year the net immigration figure was over 244,000, that’s 244,000 people now looking for accommodation, with the vast majority looking to reside in England. The British Government should stop blaming property developers, Councils also land bank. However when you have an extra 244,000+ people per year looking for accommodation it is clearly the British Governments policy of open borders which creates a housing crisis, then NHS Crisis, then Schools crisis, and so on.

Whilst the British Prime Minster told young people they’re “right to be angry” at not being able to buy a home she fails once again to mention that it is young people in England, those who have no Parliament, no First Minister, and no voice.

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