Is this the reason BBC fails to report on Electoral fraud?

Main stream media (MSM) as been under attack for its bias reporting, and this bias reporting as been increasing ever since the people voted in a democratic referendum to leave the European Union, who incidentally have also given the BBC millions of pounds in funding.

The BBC have also failed to report on the biggest news story to hit South Yorkshire since the failure of the media, police, and local authorities to report on the mass rape of white girls by predominantly Pakistani Muslims, and BBC failure in tackling the sexual abuse within its own organisation. This is the electoral fraud investigation into Labours candidate for South Yorkshire Mayor, Dan Jarvis.

So why would the BBC keep quiet about the investigation into the Labour candidate? Below might answer some of this question.


An interesting insight into “Impartiality” “Objectivity” and  “Ethical” practices at the BBC …..

Jo Coburn …. Co Host of BBC Daily and Sunday Politics.

Wife of Labour Party Employee Mark Flanagan (Communications)


Sarah Smith …. New Lead Host of BBC Sunday Politics.

Daughter of Former Labour Party Leader.


Laura Koenssberg .… BBC Political Editor.

Father …. Nick Koenssberg OBE is a “Large Donor” to the Labour Party.


Ben Wright …. Former Chief Political Correspondent for BBC Radio 4. BBC’s Washington Correspondent.

Son of former labour MP and Public Administration Select Committee Chairman Tony Wright. Wife is also former special adviser to the BBC.


James Purnell …. Former Labour MP and current BBC Director of Radio and Education.


Andrew Marr …. BBC Daily Politics Host. Former member of the Labour Party, Maoist, and Editor of the Independent.

Looks like the Labour party are having an ongoing Incestuous Nepotistic Orgy at the BBC doesn’t it !!!


Pretty Damning stuff eh !