Labour Councillor for Batley suspended after attacking English Democrat Campaigners

Labour Councillor for Batley East who openly admitting in public, and in front of Television cameras, that she supported Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-Semitic views as been suspended by the Regional Labour Party, interestingly not by the local Batley Labour group or Kirklees Labour Group.


Amanda Stubley, is the Labour Councillor for Batley East (a position she said was given to here for life) and is a long-standing member of the Labour Party.

Whilst the English Democrats were campaigning in Batley, highlighting the funding deficits Batley and Yorkshire to those in Scotland and Wales, I women came up and started to hurl abuse at our team, she quickly identified herself as Amanda Stubley, Councillor for Batley East.

Surprised that a councillor would hurl such abuse at another party, damage our property and attempt to hit one of our group, she was ask a very simple question “Do you support the anti-Semitic views of Jeremy Corbyn?” her response came as a shock “Of course I do he’s my leader”

She stated her view a number of times, in front of 2 television camera crews and the police, also that she was going to get people down to deal with us, on this the Police officers present put in a request for more officers, who quickly arrived.

The incident is under Police investigation, statements were given at the time and footage from the camera crews requested.

The question is now why Batley and/or Kirklees Council Labour Groups fail to act?

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Video footage as emerged of the Batley East Councillor, Amanda Stubley admitting she was given her Council seat for life. This was after she attacked the English Democrats stall and admitted she supported Corbyns anti-Semitic views.