Leaked Memo Shows Miliband Was Warned Over Deficit, Immigration And Welfare – In 2010!

Leaked Memo Shows Miliband Was Warned Over..Immigration..in 2010

Leaked Memo Shows Miliband Was Warned Over Deficit, Immigration And Welfare – In 2010!

This memo shows that Labour’s leaders knew very well what people’s views were (and are!). Their failure to address the issue demonstrates that they were (and are) culturally and ideologically unwilling and thus unable to address the issue of mass immigration.

When Gordon Brown called Gillian Duffy a “bigoted woman” for daring to merely raise the issue of immigration in passing, he was giving voice to Labour’s culture. Click here to watch >>>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTr8IVWBuPE

This is the reason why Labour was unwilling to react to:-

“Labour is seen as having consistently ignored English people’s views on immigration. A Labour leader who wants to show change has to show that they understand that. This is not just an issue for lost working class voters – it was central to Middle England and a major concern for Lib Dems. Out of the 40 people who took part in the groups only one person mounted any sort of defence of a relatively open policy on immigration.

“The concerns were broad. Among C2s and Ds there was a particular concern about competition from eastern European migrants for work (esp in the trades). There was a universal concern about benefits and the provision of services, with immigrants sending child benefit abroad symbolic of the issue. Just as common was a cultural concern. This was partly about people adopting British culture when they come here and partly about standing up for British and in particular English traditions and English people. There was a strong sense that people who are born and bred in England should be prioritised.

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