PCC candidate Toni Bugle’s pledge to ban the burka slammed by Muslim community

By Bedfordshire On Sunday  |  Posted: March 19, 2016

Toni Bugle has pledged to ban the burka

A PLAN from a cop boss candidate to ban burkas has caused waves in the Muslim community.Toni Bugle, the English Democrat candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner election has spoken out about her plan to ban burkas and niqabs in public as a crime prevention tactic.

She told BoS: “Being able to see someone’s face in society is extremely important so you know what their intentions are and burkas and niqabs stop this.”

But Muslim women have hit out at the plan, claiming it is ‘Islamophobic’ and ‘misguided’.

Moriam Grillo, who said: “In my view, to feel that banning the burka will reduce crime is to completely misunderstand the tenets on which Islam, and the choice to wear the burka or not, is founded.
“To ostracise a particular section of society under the intent of crime reduction is to insinuate that they are a threat to society at large.

“It’s another bit of spin that weaves into the narrative of “them and us” feeding in to established misconceptions rather than building unity.”

Aysha Boshor, who has been an active campaigner for integration in Bedford, added: “To do something bold like this would cause a lot of issues for the work that has been done to aid integration of cultures and communities in Bedford and may even and promote Islamophobia.

“I would question how much consultation this woman has made with the Muslim community before making a statement like this.”

And these women are not alone in their concern.

Iram Bi said: “I understand that some people may use the burka as a way to commit crimes, but you cannot ban an item of religious significance people it is being abused out of context.”

Mahbuba Hussain, a domestic violence advocate, added: “I feel that comments like these come across as extremely Islamophobic as they are attributing criminal behaviour to an item of clothing that is a symbol of worship.

“What about people in hoodies and caps? Will they be banned, as people commit crimes wearing these to hide their faces?”

The election for the PCC will take place in May.

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