PRESS RELEASE “English Democrats – England Worth Fighting For!” is “offensive”

Electoral Commission claims that saying “English Democrats – England Worth Fighting For!” is “offensive”

The English Democrats Party has just received a letter from the lavishly Taxpayer funded ‘Electoral Commission’ in which they claim that saying that “England is Worth Fighting For” is offensive!

Here is an extract of what their letter says:-

“The following registered party description is in the opinion of the (Electoral) Commission OFFENSIVE:

“English Democrats – England Worth Fighting For!”

The (Electoral) Commission has removed the above description from the register of political parties for Great Britain.”

Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats, and a Solicitor, said:-

“It appears that the Electoral Commission has gone rogue again!  I wonder whether the English Democrats did the right thing in not clipping your wings in our previously listed Judicial Review?

For the record the English Democrats do not accept that the Electoral Commission has the legal right to remove existing registered Descriptions.  Also this decision is manifestly absurd and unreasonable and also will be repugnantly offensive to any patriotic English people.

It is a good thing that they and their ilk were not in charge of anything in the early 1940’s or we would now all be marching to very different tunes!”


English Democrats