This general election was always about putting country before party self interest, i guess it lost.

The liberal-left made this general election about the normal issues of NHS, student debt, housing, pay and the usual package, when in reality it was about much more than that. It was about going to the negotiating table with a strong hand – as Theresa May said time and time again.
The “coalition of chaos” knew that but did not care as long as they scuppered Brexit. It was dishonest and disloyal to the interests of each and every one of us – whether you voted to Leave or to Remain. Combined with that Theresa May failed to capture the public’s heart and ran a lack-lustre campaign making herself look less a strong and stable woman but weak and wobbly.
During this election period we had the unspeakable attacks by Islamist militants whose actions played into the mantra that it happened under Theresa May’s watch and was a direct result of police cuts (of course we know that that wasn’t true as the Tories had increased funding to the security services and increased numbers of trained counter-terrorist police).
Police cuts were not only a red-herring thrown into the mix by Labour, Liberal Democrats and the SNP but also the Labour promise of putting 10,000 extra police on the streets “straight away”, uttered Corbyn – was a lie, there was never any chance that they could fund these officers as their budget promise of £300m to implement it simply didn’t add up. This £300m would have only paid for the wages of these extra police for one year and that did not include training or equipment.
There was only one way of countering this and that was for Theresa May to come out talking hard in the immediate aftermath of the London attacks but she dillied-and-dallied leaving it all a little too late in the day to announce a package of measures that may have quelled the fears of the country.
Today, it isn’t the Tories who are losers in this election, it is every one of us… Brussels will be cracking open the champers and Remainers getting up this morning will be feeling as though the tide may have turned for the chance of either a second referendum or – god-forbid- a second general election in the Autumn. Either way, the Remain camp won.