Statement about EU referendum petition by Oliver Healey

The petition was set up by a long standing member of the English Democrats and activist Oliver Healey, it was done with the best of motives when Parliament was debating the rules for the UK’s EU referendum back in November 2015, at the time the remain politicians thought they would win.

It didn’t make the required number of signatures for it to be debated by Parliament prior to the UK Government and Parliament legislating for the rules of the EU referendum.

The petition has only gained momentum from the sore losers in the ‘Remain’ campaign since the UK electorate (especially in England) voted to ‘Leave the European Union’, however the petition has no legal force since the UK Government and Parliament created the Referendum rules the result is final, both ourselves and Oliver welcome that.

The crucial issue now is to hold the conservatives to the promise to trigger article 50 of the EU constitution and thus begin the actual process of leaving the European Union.



English Democrats